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Maximus Davis

Max's 3 Legged Journey In This 4 Legged World

Maximus Davis

All GREAT Things Must Come to an End

July 21st, 2015 · 23 Comments · Uncategorized

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I hate to have to post this, I hate that it happened, and I hate cancer.  For the past week Max had not been himself.  He had been lifeless, he had been losing his ability to control bodily functions, and he had been in pain.  Sunday night was bad, I cried during the night because he was crying, when we woke up yesterday morning we knew that it was time to let him go, that it wasn’t fair to him to make him keep fighting for us when he was so tired and hurting so much.  We were advised by 2 people the rescue group that he was adopted from the same thing “Remember two things: Quality of life and Dignity, when those two things are in jeopardy, it is time”.  Both of those things were starting to slip from our boy, so it was time. During the morning hours I sat with him on the floor and loved on him, he made sure I didn’t stop petting him by using his pyr paw to get my attention. Later,  I decided to take Max with me to lunch with a friend, at one of my favorite restaurants, he got to lounge in a flower bed, had a brisket taco, a bunch of grilled chicken, and some chips with bean dip (he wouldn’t eat them plain).  After lunch we came home to get his bed, and he rode on it all the way to the vet (and during the whole process).  I think  he knew what was happening, he didn’t want to (or couldn’t well) walk inside, once we got in the room he laid on his bed and closed his eyes.  We sat for a while and loved on him, not sure if we were making the right choice, but then the vet came in.  He looked at him and asked how long he had been sleeping (usually Max lifts his head to greet him when he comes in the door, he didn’t this time) our amazing vet was petting him and feeling around to see if he could feel something that could be causing him pain, I didn’t expect for him to find anything…. I was wrong.  He located a mass in his abdomen right between his rib cage and right hip that was the size of a cantaloupe and extremely firm.  At that time we all agreed that it was time, and there was nothing we could do.  The vet administered him a sedative to make him comfortable, and I moved so I could look him in the eyes, and so he could see me, and pet him as much as I could.  As I was petting his face I could feel moisture coming from his eyes, call me crazy, but I know he was crying with me.  I didn’t expect the next injection to work so fast, I didn’t know what to expect, I had never been through this before, the vet was right… it is pretty much instantaneous.  Before I knew it, he was gone, and my heart was shattered.  I instantly felt guilt.  In the last 4.5 years (he would be 4.5 today),  we have spent around 13k to keep this boy healthy and alive, so we could all enjoy each others company and love, and in an instant he was gone forever.  I wonder if we could have spent another few thousands of dollars to treat him, I wonder if he would have been okay then, I wonder if he could have beat cancer then.  Those questions I will never know the answer to.  What I do know is 3 weeks ago, this mass wasn’t there, 3 weeks ago, I was sure it was back in his brain (still think it was), 4 weeks ago, he seemed to be better, and now he is gone.

My husband and I came home, I placed his collar around my rearview mirror, and went to pick up our 2.5 year old daughter, a girl who loves Max and has since she was born.  When we got in the car at her school she immediately pointed at the collar and said “Mamma, whats that?” I couldn’t answer her.  When we walked in the door at home, she immediately went and picked up the box of milk bones from the island in the kitchen (Max had about 20 of them yesterday) reached in and said “I need to give them to them”. (Layla our lab mix was at her feet already) and then it happened for the first time.  These words came out of her mouth, and I completely lost it, “Wheres Max?” she looked at me with the most concerned eyes as I cried.  I think my crying distracted her away from her original question, and that is a good thing. At the dinner table it happened again, he wasn’t laying in the floor at her feet, “Where’s Max?” All I could say is “Max isn’t here baby, Max’s boo boo doesn’t hurt anymore, but Max isn’t here”.  Later she picked up Layla’s food bowl and carried it around as she always did, trying to find Max to feed, my heart broke even more.  I cried all day yesterday and was completely exhausted, I feel bad saying this, but I slept great, and didn’t expect to, but it was nice to just sleep.

I still can’t believe I will never hear him bark again, he will never greet me at the door again, he will never lay with me again, and that I will never hear Aven say “Hi Max, how are you? You got a boo boo?” Again.

So I leave you with this final post, as I am sadly no longer a Tripawd mom.  Here are photos from the last few weeks, and some of the professional photos I had our photographer take of us about 3 weeks ago.


Max guarding me while I relaxed in the hammock.


“Mom, you’re embarrassing me”


“Okay… This isn’t so bad. ”


Max sleeping on the bed one last time.


Sweet boy in the playroom with Aven and I


My love.


He was the sweetest.


Max and his parents.


The happy family


My first born.


Our final morning.


The good petting.


I will love him forever.


Lunch on the patio.


You have any more food?


Look how cute I am!


Ahhhh the good life


On the way to the vet one last time 🙁


Always along for the ride


So tired, so strong


🙁 this is without the sedative.


When I picked him up from the vet for the first time at 12 weeks old, and when I took him for the last time at 4.5. IMG_2325

He will continue to guard me.


My best friend.


Making sure Im okay.


Davis Family – July 2015


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The Itch I Can’t Scratch!

June 17th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Good Morning Everyone!

I haven’t been on here as much as I had hoped, mainly because I did not know what to say.  For the last couple months I have been worried about Max and his progress 158% of the time.  He wasn’t doing so well when it came to getting around, and I didn’t know what that meant for him for the long run (no pun intended).  He would have a few good days, then digress back to slipping and falling all over the house.  Max and myself felt defeated by this problem, and our frustration was growing.

HOWEVER,  in the last week Max has had an ENORMOUS turn around and is doing AMAZINGLY well.  He isn’t having the traction issues, his back leg isn’t constantly giving out (causing him to fall), he isn’t throwing his back leg out to where it used to be (causing him to lose balance).  He is doing GREAT, and that makes us both happy!  He has figured out how to position his leg, how to hop on it, and it seems his strength is improving daily!

Hey guys, Max here.  Thank you all for the support!

Mom thinks I am doing great BUT I HAVE ONE PROBLEM!!!  (that my mean MOM finds HYSTERICAL).  When she scratches my back, or under my chin, or behind my ears (you know ALL those good spots),  I tries to kick my missing leg to scratch under my belly… BUT there is no leg to move!  I move my hip over, and over, and over… BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!  I love those good scritches, but MAN I wish Mom would see my problem here and not laugh at me!


Until next time,

Niki and Max


Hanging out with mom out front


I like going out with mom when she is out in the front yard.11295749_10204257225852399_8702242731137343736_n

I like it when mom takes my photo,  and I LOVE laying in the grass where everyone can see me!11181847_10204353034487555_6431410519403932210_n

The kitten Freddie thinks I am his daddy,  that’s okay, he is my friend.11390162_10204388575336054_2277494224898244905_n

Ahhhhh Sleeps!



Mom got my hair cut for the summer,  it makes it cooler for me, I am hopefully going to go swimming, and it makes the shaved part of my leg stand out less.


I got my new Tripawds Rule bandanna!

Oh yeah!  We made a card to send to Max’s Orthopedic Surgeon and his staff.  I hope they like it, and really know how much we thank them for saving Max’s life!

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.44.41 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.45.40 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.45.56 AM


Hi All

May 7th, 2015 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

Hello All!

On April 3, 2015 I found out that my 4 year old Great Pyrenees who had been limping for about 2 weeks most likely had bone cancer in his back left hip.  Our vet asked us to follow up in 30 days to confirm our fears.  However, Max had other plans.  Two weeks after our initial appointment we returned to the vet to find out the mass in his bone had grown by about 200%.  We immediately scheduled his amputation surgery, and 3 days later he was a tripawd.  He is now 2 weeks post op and seems to be getting around okay as long as he has his traction control socks on… without those… don’t even think about it. Since he hates them we have ordered him some sticky pads that are self adhesive, to stick to his paw pads.  If those don’t work, we will get him some toe grips.  Anyway….  A week after surgery, the biopsy did confirm that he has/d osteosarcoma, so I am glad we caught it when we did.

A little background on our boy, 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Addisons Disease (his body does not produce steroid), and 3 years ago he had Osteochrondosis cartilage removal surgery from his front left shoulder.  He has been through quite the trials during his 4 years on earth, and I hope this is the last speed bump… for our speed bump.  We have loved him since he was 10 weeks old, and we consider him our first born… our second would be our human daughter Aven (pictured below with him weeks before his surgery).


11170324_10204092751780650_7094646395437493222_n 10014582_10204112659038319_9088978726971883232_n 11178286_10204134521784874_3438053731969003526_n 11159464_10204141113269657_3091680020230013557_n 10377524_10204141121349859_6731206898591345127_n 11174905_10204177154130656_5762799334485734994_n-2 11206103_10204193731265074_8033494858327983737_n 11214177_10204200015982188_3608574233137469948_n 10646998_10202592577757237_4598927965009706292_n 10408822_10204027253103224_176739652436947193_n